We Launched!

We Launched!

Ladies and Gentlemen,

After two and a half years of research & development we have finally launched our product!


This is imperically the most exciting time in our team's lives, and with good reason - so let me tell you why.

What we Built

So let's dive right into what we built:

We built a Live Chat Platform, for the Automation Age.

What does that mean?

It's a Live Chat Platform that has a AI-powered Chatbot integrated right into the system.

We took all of the historical greatness of products like Intercom, Drift, Zendesk, and LiveChat and merged that with the new world of AI & Chat Automation Technology.

All. in. one. product.

Why Our Chatbot

In 2018, many people claim to be doing Chatbots and AI because these are hot new buzz words, so let's take a moment to explain the difference between our Chatbot and existing chatbot solutions by Drift and Intercom.

What is AI?

So first, let's start with a definition.

What is AI?

Many people, especially engineers, tend to confuse AI with Machine Learning.

AI is not Machine Learning!

Machine Learning is a field of research and study that covers statistical-based algorithms that you run in order to model a small part of the real world.

This lives at the engineering level of the stack.


AI, on the other hand, lives at the product level of the stack.

So you can string together multiple machine learning components to create one unified, wholistic AI system, for example.

Taking an example: A Self-Driving car is a good example of an AI product.

It leverages many Machine Learning components such as Computer Vision, ect.

As such, if you just have one Machine Learning component within your product but it doesn't add up to a unified AI system, you're not doing AI.

Another way this can be said, you're only in the business of AI, if you are automating a real-world problem, end-to-end.

In our case, we automate it end-to-end by introducing our closed-loop chat system.

Let's dive in and we can show you how it works.

How our AI works

Imagine for a moment...

You order something from your favorite online store. Say it's Nike.

You receive it in the mail and whoops the sneakers came broken.

What can you do?

Well, in the past you'd call customer service, it would be frusterating, you may start off with those annoying "Press 1 for English, 2 for Spanish" voice prompt things.

Finally after 30 minutes to an hour you fixed your problem.

Well today, that's no longer the case.

Using our AI you connect directly with a bot, and it quickly and efficiently processes your request and gets you what you need.

If the bot is unable to resolve your request, then you can easily be transfered to a human.

The human seemlessly takes over the chat, gets you what you need, and then the bot learns for the next time.

This is what we mean by closed loop.

And this entire experience lives within the walls of Live Chat.

We are building the future of Live Chat.

How does our AI work?

So how does it work?

With SageTalk, we introduce this concept called the Brain.


The Brain is a concept that we chose that most closely resembles the way the human brain is organized and functions.

We believe this design is far intuitive than tools such as Google's Dialog Flow, Amazon's Lex service, or IBM Watson which are NLP services that cater to developers.

(Btw, in case you were wondering - NLP is a subset of ML. It's a type of Machine Learning algorithm that deals specifically with text and language)

And our product caters to agents / operators working in Customer Service departments.

It offers a highly-elegant, intuitive, and easy-to-use interface, that allows you to easily train the bot with all of your tedius Q&A.


The simplicity of the Brain is what makes our product far more advantagous than Machine Learning services such as Amazon Lex, IBM Watson, and Google's DialogFlow.

We did this by keeping the Customer Service Agent experience prioritized and top of mind.

So what we've done is, we've essentially taken Live Chat products like Intercom & Drift, and Machine Learning Services such as Amazon Lex, Google AI, and IBM Watson, added a bit of handoff magic, and infused everything together to create a entirely new product called SageTalk.

Result of implementing our Product

In our beta period, we found that implementing our solution into your current Customer Service stack will result in a 50-75% reduction in your overall chat volumes.

You read that right... 50-75%!

That means if you're currently receiving 20,000, then after implementing SageTalk your agents would only have to respond to 5000-10000 chats. Reducing their workloads and the amount of monotonous and menial work - resulting in much happy workers.

And this is especially good for teams that have greater chat volumes than 20,000 and the nature of the queries are monotonous.

Where are we going

The core value that we bring today is that we can cut down the amount of menial work and make your Customer Service organization more efficient.

Where we are going next is exciting...

Let me give you a sneak peak into the future of SageTalk.

Intuitive Chatbots / Context / NLU

The next evolution of SageTalk will include intuition!

Yes, you read that right.

The bot will be able to understand context based upon the the conversation that is being had in real-time with the end-user.

It will be able to identify whether you are a "Buyer", "Customer Looking for Help", ect.

It will also be able to feel into the emotions you may be experiencing.

So if you're frusterated, the Chatbot will know!

And if you're happy, the chatbot will know too!

These additional layers of intelligence make up the NLU stack that we are building into our product, on our road to higher intelligence technologies.

Very, very, very exciting times ahead...


So, there you have it.

Simple right.

Intercom and IBM Watson had a baby named SageTalk, that was birthed last week (Feel free to give us an upvote if you havn't already), and now we're ready for you to give it a try in your organization.

We're doing a very special promotion for a very limited time:

A 6-month free trial for you and your team to try out SageTalk.

If you're interested feel free to fill out the form here

And begin your road to an automated Customer Service operation, to ultimately provide a better customer experience for your cusotmers and happier lives for your team.

The future is here,

Tom Lev, CEO of Sage AI