TomBot’s Dialogflow Integration: Step-by-Step Guide

TomBot’s Dialogflow Integration: Step-by-Step Guide

There are 4 main components to this Integration:

· Create an Agent

· Give That Agent a Service Account

· Give that Service Account a Key

· Drag the downloaded file to TomBot

Once you’ve created the agent, service account, and key, Dialogflow will download in a note file to your computer. This is the file you’ll drag into the integrations page on TomBot.

Create an Agent

1. Go to

2. Create a New Agent (click the dropdown by the cog)


3. Name your Agent and click CREATE.

Create a Service Account

4. In the Settings page, click the Project ID link (use the cog by your agent name on the left to find settings if you are not automatically taken there).

You should see the Google Cloud Platform page open next. Click the IAM & Admin menu to find the Service Accounts link.

5. Once inside the Service Accounts page, click Create New Service Account

6. Name your Service Account and click CREATE (I just add the number 1 to my Dialogflow Agent name to keep it organized, but it can be whatever you like).

7. Add service account permissions – you will need a Dialog flow API Admin and a Dialogflow API Client

a. Use the drop down and search bar to select Admin


c.  Add another role and choose Dialogflow Client

d. Once your page looks like the below, click CONTINUE.

8. This next part is optional and not necessary for our purposes, so we’ll just click DONE

Create a Key

9. Once you’ve clicked Done, it will return you to the service accounts landing page and you’ll see our new service account has been added. We’re going to click the email, which acts as a link.

10.  Scroll all the way down to the Keys section and click the Add Key dropdown and then click Create New Key.

When this window pops up, verify JSON is selected and click Create.

11.   The next screen verifies you’ve downloaded the key. You’ll notice a text file has been downloaded (pictured here in Google Chrome):

12.  Save this file to your computer wherever is most convenient for you. Then simply click and drag the document into TomBot on this page and click save.

13.  Do a little happy dance: you’re all done!