We <3 bots, said nobody ever pre-COVID

We <3 bots, said nobody ever pre-COVID

Do you ever find yourself thinking? "We really gotta stop this tech evolution, we need to keep things simple. Go back to the way we used to do things."

Or maybe, "Robots will be the end of the world as we know it.."

Or the best, a Terminator Reference:

Well, I am here to tell you, I am with you. I know it all too well. I know the stream of thought that comes through me when I have that fear come up.

You aren't alone, frankly I think we would be not very sane or human if it was the contrary.

So let's start off by saying we are in this together.

Bots and Humans working together

Think about it. Up until now you've called your Macbook, your iPhone, some social media platforms, and a spreadsheet your tools and technology.

Finally, you have a piece of technology that wants to have a conversation with you, and you have backlash. How rude..

Bots are actually more "human" than any technology was in the past.

Sure, they might not be as smart (currently) or frankly as awesome as humans, but there's no doubt, they are good at doing the routine tasks that currently plague the work environment and business.

The shift to meaningful work

If you're coming from the Customer Service / Customer Experience world, perfect, than you know about a term called CSAT.

CSAT is basically a score for how satisfied a Customer is. The entire Customer Care industry is pretty much obsessed with this single metric.

I was listening to one of my friends Podcast's and he was interviewing a real savant in the industry and she said the best way to improve your CSAT, is to improve your ESAT: Employee Satisfaction.

You're probably thinking, Yeah yeah, I know. The true, tried and tested technique for improving ESAT is Free Pizza and Posters on the wall.

Haha, Not so fast.

It has been proven, the most satisfied Employees are the ones that find that the work that they are doing is meaningful and contributes to something purposeful.

(Thanks to my friend Neal Topf, CEO of Callzilla and Host of the Fireside Chats Podcast; Which you should definitely check out if you are in the CX world. All the respect to Neal and Paul the hosts of the show for doing an outstanding job sharing information in a highly-consumable format.)

As it turns out, if an employee found more meaning in his/her work then they would be more satisfied, and therefore pass that satisfaction onto the Customer, which has a direct ROI with all business bottom line.

ROI on More Meaning

If you're like me, we are in the school of thought that creating more meaning for employees does have a direct correlation with generating more economic value / ROI.

This is not some Kumbaya thing. Let's unpack and reverse-engineer this into 5 quick steps:

  1. More Meaning -> More Employee Satisfaction
  2. More Employee Satisfaction -> More Customer Satisfaction
  3. More Customer Satisfaction -> More Referrals
  4. More Referrals -> More Customers
  5. More Customers ->  More Economic Value

It's really that simple.

Once that is understood, then implementing a bot from an ethical perspective, shouldn't be a big deal. In fact, it should really be a no-brainer. Since it's really a net-new positive, both ethically, and also economically.

Let's take a quick example to illustrate and we'll wrap:

Pre-COVID / Pre-Automation

Bob is currently working in a Call Center as an agent. His role is to promptly respond to Customer inquiries with enthusiasm and care. Knowing timeliness is critical, He follows his scripts and makes sure to offer timely responses.

He enjoys the pizza and posters on the wall to inspire him day to day.

He comes home each day satisfied that he is able to proudly feed his children and wife, and support a roof over their head.

Post-COVID / Post-Automation

Bob is helping train the bot, that is able to answer instantly (offering a better customer experience). Instead of working off of the script, Bob is now responsible for writing the script, and updating it to match his client's needs and expectations.

Basically the Bot becomes Bob's assistant for getting the work done more timely and more efficiently.

As a result, Bob is much more productive, making him feel much better, his work goes from working off a script and making sure he responds on time, to managing a Bot and focus his efforts on improving the Customer Experience.

Since Bob is feeling like his work is more meaningful, that new refreshed attitude is reflected in his output and therefore Customer Experience gets a major boost.

Ok... sorry, maybe it is a Kumbaya moment ;)

I will keep these short and light. No more than a few salient good ones per post.

If you agree or disagree, comment below. The aim here it to create dialog. If we haven't talked in awhile, reach out, I want to hear from you. Godspeed.