Bots: The Smart New Tool for Customer Service

Bots: The Smart New Tool for Customer Service

Have you ever wondered when will bots finally replace the work of human beings?

Well, today we can say that we solved a little sliver of that :D.

Using Chatbot technology and a little bit of Aritifical Intelligence magic we are able to deliver sub-one-second response times for all of the simple Q&A for any enterprise business.

How Does it Work

The key feature that's being introduced with SageTalk is called the Brain, and it's basically a knowledge base, but for conversational data.

It's very simple to use and you can easily bootstrap it to begin with, by uploading your FAQ data, or historical conversational transcripts.

Once the Brain is loaded, now SageTalk can start automating your requests from your customers.

For example, take a look here:


SageTalk can easily retrieve simple questions like that. In an instant.

And it turns out, on average, an enterprise can automate 50% or more of thier support queries.

Reduction of Labor, Time, and Cost

As you can imagine, the hasty response times are a critical benefit of SageTalk, but the other hidden benefit, is the cost reduction on labor & time.

Once SageTalk automates 50% or more of your existing chat volume, you would technically be reducing the amount of labor, and respective costs by an order of magnitude or more.

If you'd like to learn more about our cost structure or this cost reduction theme in general, reach out to

Key Feature: Hand-off to Live Agent

One last feature to tie all of this together, is a native hand-off to a Live Agent.

This allows for the user to quickly escalate the chat to an Agent and get the response that he requires. While allowing the bot to play it's role as a first-responder.

This alliance between Bot and Human is a new concept and a dynamic that has yet to be seen in any Customer Service environment, in this particular implementation, and thus with anything new there is an immediate hesitation, however, the results speak for themselves:

Using SageTalk you can not only cut your volume by at least 50%, the associated happiness factor of your agents skyrockets because they no longer have to deal with monotony.


This was a quick overview of the product from a birds-eye view.

If you'd like to learn more, feel free to checkout our website at